Assessment Services

You may have heard of instruments such as SHL’s OPQ, MBTI, FIRO-B, 360 Feedback.
But when should you use them and which should you use?

Selecting & interpreting the most suitable assessment methods / tools
Executive Elect’s highly qualified and experienced consultants have access to a wide variety of these instruments and techniques. They can provide an informed opinion concerning which instruments will best suit your needs, whether you are building a team, identifying development needs, developing self awareness before a training programme or selecting someone into a new role.

Targetted reference checking
Some clients also ask us to take up detailed reference checks when they are making highly sensitive senior appointments. The information gathered through the use of psychometric tools and techniques allows Executive Elect to conduct an invaluable and in-depth discussion with referees, providing a targeted insight which is rarely gained prior to selection.

Through partnering with Executive Elect, our Clients have benefited from reduced recruitment and / or training costs and have gained an excellent reputation for handling assessments in a professional and objective fashion.


Albion Ventures uses psychometric testing on all it’s management teams. The profiling we have done with Executive Elect has been very useful, giving insights into the different motivations and abilities in a team, and this has helped us to select candidates and build management teams more effectively.

Partner, Albion Ventures LLP